Proshock Ice

Proshock Ice is used to treat excess levels of fat and fibrous cells in the body. It uses a unique, technology called Ice-Shock-Lipolysis, to get rid of fat around the waist, adbomen, thigh and arm without having to go under the knife.The treatment requires no downtime and is fairly comfortable.

Proshock Ice utilizes a combination of acoustic waves and krilipolisys, to ensure that this non invasive method does not cause damage to surrounding tissue, the liver and the blood stream.

This is a great, effective non-invasive procedure for the elimination of localised fat and cellulite.


Accent Ultra

If you have problematic excess fat on your thighs or abdomen, Accent Ultra can help. This ultrasound workstation helps to target excess fat within the body and eliminates it quickly and painlessly. It can be used to treat all skin types and there are no side effects associated with this procedure.

The Accent Ultra is a non invasive procedure with no down time, recuperation period, or uncomfortable side effects, which targets fat utilizes non-invasive, ultrasound technology to remove it painlessly.

The Accent Ultra treatment safely and effectively targets localized fat deposits and reduces body circumference for successful body contouring making use of radiofrequency and ultrasound technologies. The hot and cold energy manages to achieve excellent results; even in hard to treat areas. After just your first treatment, you will notice some improvement and perhaps more importantly, long lasting results.

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