ThermiTight uses radiofrequency energy beneath the skin to produce collagen and eventually tighten the various type of skin on face, neck and body.

The benefits of ThermiTight cause no known side effects and safe for light & dark skin complexions as well. The procedure requires minimal to no downtime and delivers predictable outcomes.

With no recovery time required, all you need is to use only mild soaps and lotions days and apply sunscreen on the area for several months after treatment.

ThermiTight, the most effective treatment with immediate improvement results that is gradual and lasting.


Laser Lipolysis

The exciting new AccuSculpt™ procedure is ideal for patients looking to contour the hips, arms, bra line, inner thighs, knees, buttocks and other areas. It is also effective for the reduction of love handles, stretch marks and enlarged male breasts. Short treatment duration, limited downtime and immediate results make the AccuSculpt™ procedure a much more attractive option than comparable treatments. Patented technology makes the procedure safer, more effective and less invasive than competing technologies.

Developed to meet the needs of those seeking the most advanced and effective treatment in body refinement with minimum pain and little downtime, AccuSculpt™ is the first in its class of cutting-edge, minimally invasive treatments to target and eradicate fat from trouble spots below the neck with a precision previously not available until now.

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